Monday, April 7, 2008

Hawaii in Pictures

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of Hawaii. Part of what prompted this is that I finally carried my camera along on a trip the other day, and took quite a few pictures. Not really sure why it is so hard for me to take them, there have been many days when the camera is carried along just for the fun of the extra weight it seems like, since it is rarely used. Suppose it still isn't much, but here is what I have to share so far:

On the hike to Kaena Point. Nice little hike. I mentioned it in an earlier post, and Red has posted pictures of it as well.
Still on the hike. I love the scenery of coastal hikes.
An arch on the way out to the point.

The next set of pictures were taken while out on a ride last Saturday. I have actually been spending more time on the back of a motorcycle. So much in fact, that I finally went and bought my own helmet, so that I would no longer have to hunt around for something that would work.

Small beach out near Kaena point. The water up here was pretty rough that day, last time I saw this beach it was much calmer and prettier. Didn't have the camera then though.
A fossilized shell I found while walking around in the rocks out near Kaena point. The smaller shells still had live snails in them.
Turtle at Turtle Bay. The like to come out and hang out in the sun on the beach, but nobody seems to know why they like to do it in this particular spot.
Another turtle on the beach. There were also some hanging out in the surf, but they were harder to catch with the camera.
Picture taken mid-ride. Waimea Beach.
Waimea Beach from the other side of the bay.
Coastal pic taken along the way.
Some nice blue water. Fun stuff to swim in.
Smaller islands off the coast.

A video of a blowhole along the way.

Suppose that's it for the pictures for now. And I'll try to post a little more often too.


alw_ays said...

Oh,thank you for posting something! We were beginning to miss you. :) (Imagine that smile really really big.)
The video was cool. Those'd be neat for the kids if you get some of crawling turtles or flying butterflies or something else interesting. :)
k has moved on to "1st Grade".
e has begun to sit and do work.
business is going nicely.
art is going well, too.
I'll post pictures of the most recent activity: Utah! It's time to go to Westwater again. Too bad we don't have a babysitter this time. Boy was that a luxury.
Glad your having fun.

Anonymous said...

When you said you saw blowholes, I thought you meant from whales, 'cuz you sure do see enough of those!