Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Girl's Weekend Out

For a couple of weeks, a large camping trip was in the works. Then, due to everyone's personal schedules, plans were changed up until the actual event was taking place. Red did most, if not all, the planning for the campsite. It started as a trip for her parents, who were out visiting from Colorado. They decided that they would only stay one night though, that three nights were too long. They left shortly after I arrived.

I thought I would be going all three nights, but had something come up on Friday night. Went to a BBQ with another friend, and had a great time. I was able to head out Saturday morning though, and stay to the end. Red's friend/boss from the tattoo shop also made it out Saturday, and as she was the last one to ever arrive, it turned into a "Girl's Weekend Out." Not really what you picture when you think of the girls getting together, is it?

It was a nice weekend. Sure, when you think of camping, you think large groups are the way to go, but not always. For one, we didn't need every cooler we could scrounge up, and everything tended to stay a little more organized. It might be that fires are typically built and then maintained by the most inclined of the males, but we did just fine on our own. I never did much with the actual fire, but between Red, me, and gravity we managed to get even the most un-chopable bricks of wood down to a burnable size. We might have looked like we were doing a botched job to any manly man walking by, but we saved ourselves tons of energy through our ingenuity. So you might be able to impress me with your muscles, but I'll take you out with my brains any day, hehe (just give me time to think about it).

Red and I walked along the beach for about 5 miles. Once we got away from the few hundred feet of shoreline right in front of the campground, we had the beach pretty much to ourselves. For the rest of the walk. And while it might seem that beach walking isn't much of a workout, it is. The sand was quite soft even at the shore break, making for tired leg muscles at the end. Totally worth it in my book though, as it was a relaxing type of physical challenge, complete with honu (Hawaiian word for turtle) sightings and plenty of birds.

After our wander we decided no trip camping was complete without some swimming, so we reapplied the sunscreen and went for it. I suppose it isn't so much swimming as bobbing around in the waves and splashing, but fun anyways, like a giant tub filled with salt water. Most of the time we were there we could see two more honu only about 20 feet away. We didn't want to get any closer, and since they didn't move away we figured we were far enough away to not be harassing them.

Both evenings were spent around a campfire, just us girls talking about what girls talk about when no one else is around. Even though at first we were a little bummed at the lack of turn out, by the end we were happy it was just us three.

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alw_ays said...

Camping weekend. Goodness.
This was TaiChi camping weekend, too. Utah sand is also good calf exercise. and gritty in the teeth. Left some Texas sand in Utah from our tent. Then the dog at the tent. Oh well. Many more people there at Utah's camp than the Hawaii camp. Yet I'm still jealous. I would have joined you. :)Say hi to the next turtle you see for me.