Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Warm and Sunny

After Morocco I spent two days in Sevilla, Spain. It was a nice town, warm during the day. The hostel I stayed at organized a night out to see Flamenco dancing, which was amazing. The group was made up of three people: a guitar player, a singer, and a dancer. The routine started with the guitar player solo, the singer then started in, and eventually the dancer would get up. The emotion displayed by each of the three was intense, each was very involved in his/her part of the trio.

From Sevilla I took a bus to Lagos, Portugal. It is a small town on the coast, and today I spent some time down at the beach. Even waded a bit in the Atlantic Ocean. Tomorrow I plan on wearing a swim suit and getting a little more wet. The water isn't the warmest, but is plenty warm enough for a dip followed by soaking up some sun. Hard to believe it is December and I am wearing summer clothing.

My hostel in Lagos is perhaps the best I have stayed at so far. For breakfast there is all-you-can-eat home made crepes, made by a woman who prefers to go by "Mama." Since the hostel is currently undergoing renovations, there is some extra noise in the mornings, and an endless supply of dust. Mama made everyone a Portuguese dinner, saying it was for the inconvenience of the state of the hostel. It was a rice dish full of veggies with some meat, and it was incredible.

Though I have only been here for a couple of days, I can see why this place is a "black hole" of Europe. It is not uncommon for people to come for a day or two, and stay much, much longer. The first person I met at the hostel came for a vacation from England, but found a job just a few days after arrival and will now be staying. Suppose there is still the chance of that for me, but with only a week left to go, I think it is more likely I get to Seattle first.

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