Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finally Catching Up on Photos

Getting home, getting over jet lag, and then going through the holidays made the last two weeks just fly by. So finally, here are the rest of the pictures from my trip:

Yes, this is a head. Sliced right in half and then packaged for the person who would want to cook with it? Found it in a grocery store in Malaga, Spain.
My first "real" Tapas, in Granada, Spain. Four of us went into the Tapas bar together, 3 of us ordered beer, the other one wine. That is all we paid for. The food on the table came free with the drinks. And every round was like that.
Gypsy caves, Granada, Spain. And yes, people do live there.
Inside the Alhambra. This place was amazing. Granada, Spain.

Ceiling in one of the side temples in the Alhambra.
Garden in the Alhambra.
A hotel in Granada with my family name. Didn't stay there, but I did walk by quite a few times, as it was on the way to my hostel.
Rabat, Morocco.
Rabat, Morocco.
Outside the bull fighting ring in Sevilla, Spain.
Cathedral in Sevilla, Spain.

Looking down from the tower of the cathedral.
Looking out from the tower of the cathedral at the bull fighting ring.
The cathedral tower. There are no stairs inside, instead it is all ramps leading to the top because the guy who built it wanted to be able to take people to the top on his horse.
The beaches of Lagos, Portugal.

A giant fish in the Lisbon Oceanarium. Called a sun fish.
Baby sting rays in their own breeding tank.

Gate to the city of Lisbon.
Lisbon. That is not the ocean behind me though, it is a river.

Some Lisbon police. They ride around on segways.

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Little Red said...

Segways are funny! Awesome pics of some beautiful places, and the head was cool too.