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New Zealand in Pictures - Days 1 & 2

Right. So, uploading these pictures was much easier than I expected. For one, blogger has made some changes to their uploader since I last used it. And second, I ran all the pictures through a batch conversion to make the files smaller so they would upload faster, and load faster for those of you viewing on the other side of my computer.

Day 1 - HNL airport and arriving in Auckland

Making sure all the electronics have fully charged batteries while still in HNL.  Doug's phone was nearly dead, and with all his texting was barely going to get him out of the airport without dying.  Not a big deal since we had planned before hand not to use the phones on the trip, but he still wanted some phone action before getting on the plane.
In flight food.  Air New Zealand really takes care of its passengers.  This was dinner.  We were also served a breakfast. Note that the wine glass is really glass. And the dishes were high-quality, reusable dishes. Air New Zealand is doing its part to create less trash.
Oooh, dinner came with cake for dessert.
I had beef penne pasta. It looked good and tasted good.
Doug had something with eggs and chicken. It looked less good.
The first picture in Auckland! A giant Santa. All out of place in his giant red suit, considering it IS summer here.
New Zealand money is colorful here.  And it comes in different sizes, with higher value bills being bigger than smaller value bills.
Doug is getting excited about hearing New Zealand accents for the next three weeks.
I'll just look up the deal on tipping while we have some coffee.
Hmm, what should we do today?
Look! We found Seattle Espresso while in Auckland!
New Zealand has a whole street for Vulcans...
I completely agree with the Chocolates For Breakfast sign.  Sadly they were closed, so no chocolates for breakfast for me.
Doug with his second cup of New Zealand coffee.  He is disappointed in it.  As it turns out, there is no such thing as "brewed" coffee in New Zealand.  What he has here is a "long black," which is similar to an Americano, only smaller.
But he is super excited about fish and chips.
I had beef stew with a mixture of mashed potatoes, carrots, and turnips.

Day 2 - Coast to Coast Walk and a fancy dinner
The start of the hike.
Proof that I was at the start too.  Notice the damp roads behind us, and the overcast sky.
The Pacific Ocean is right over there.
A very cool tree in the middle of a very tiny city park. I'm not sure adult-sized people can walk on the path without stooping.  I don't know, since we didn't come through the park on this path.
A neat looking building on our way.
These helpful little signs guided our walk.
Not all were yellow rectangular signs though, some were small and round.
A little duck pond.
The Auckland War Museum.
A fence around a tree.  Is it a special tree?
Not really sure, never found a sign about it, but it did have this smaller, decorated fence inside.
Doug is confused.  These mats were all over the field, but what can they be for?  A nice guy eating lunch in the bleachers told us they're for cricket.
I completely agree.
A plaque of the first 50 All Blacks from Auckland Grammar School.
The main building of Auckland Grammar School.  If you want to know about our tour through Auckland Grammar School, you can read about it on Doug's blog.
Teachers who taught at least 20 years at Auckland Grammar School.
The main hall, where 2,500 students sit every morning for announcements from the headmaster.
The headmaster's podium.
Just a classroom.
From the top of Mt. Eden.

Fog. It was an overcast day, all day.
Various places and their distances from the top of Mt. Eden, Auckland, New Zealand.
Doug showing his appropriate footwear.
Doug showing us what he thinks loose metal looks like.
Another park along the walkway.

Doug was excited about the bathroom in the park.

An electric BBQ. Not sure how it works, but these turned out to be quite common.
A pretty tree.
Look up ahead!
There's SHEEP!!!
Just roaming around in the park.
I wonder if I can pet one? (the answer is no. They run away)
Dog shaped trash cans for dog poop are way better than regular shaped trash cans.

Time for some lunch in the middle of our walk.
This is odd. Tap water in a bottle?
We found the end!

In the distance is the Tasman Sea. We went from the Pacific Ocean to the Tasman Sea in 16km.

Now time for a fancy dinner.  This is our honeymoon, and we earned it with today's walk.
They had an extensive wine list.  After the wines there was a single page for beer, cocktail, and soda choices.
I tried a Pinot Noir, from Marlborough region.  Notice my sunburned face and neck. Apparently you can get a burn through the clouds.
I thought the little bee on the knife was neat.
MMMM. Roast lamb with garlic spinach and some kind of grain that was similar to barley.
Doug is excited about his duck. Or he is trying to scare me away from it. I'm not really sure.
A nice meal.
Finished with a wee cup of coffee.

Here ends day two.  I still have 18 days of photos to compress and upload.  Doug is typing up his journal from the trip over at Dirtbag Ramblings.  I also kept a journal, but mine is much shorter.  I think he's a better writer, so I'll let him share the words and I'll share the pics. (just know that he is also posting pics, though I'm not sure we'll post the same ones.)

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