Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Here

I am still in Hawaii, with no real desire to head back anytime soon. Two weekends ago I headed out for some camping with Red, her brother, and some of their friends. It was 3 nights of great fun. No worries of what time of day it was. And there was plenty of fun things to do, from swimming in the ocean to collecting shells along the beach to searching for tidal pools in the rocks. I had my camera along for the trip, but once again didn't get around to taking any pictures. The campground was full of chickens, and while one might think that is annoying, it really isn't. They take care of the bugs, which to me would be more of an annoyance.

On the camping trip I had my first chance at beach fishing, but never caught anything. Since then I have tried a few more times, but still no luck. A few nibbles here and there, but nothing seems to bite hard enough to be pulled in.

Yesterday I had the chance to go out for another motorcycle ride. It was a long day riding, but loads of fun. On one road that followed the coast traffic became quite heavy, but the reason was soon presented: everyone was whale watching. Though they were quite a way out, they could still be seen as they came up for air. All I had to do was watch for the water coming through their blowholes, and the hump of their backs could be seen shortly afterwords.

Now it might be time for me to get more serious about the job search. All play and no work makes a girl broke. I just hope I find something that won't interfere too much with the play, or I might not last long.

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alw_ays said...

I wish you were here for our St. Pat Party. It's just like always, except a bit colder and quite a bit more dead, which is part of the reason I wish you were here.